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Who is Waffle Works?

Since 2015, Waffle Works has been delighting waffle enthusiasts in Turkey with the unparalleled taste of Belgian chocolate. Our special recipe dough and 100% Belgian chocolate create unforgettable flavors. Each day, we bring our vibrant world to more people with fresh fruits and a variety of toppings.

Our flavor journey is enriched with coffees made from quality beans, the latest delicious drinks, and mouthwatering kumpir options. With over 25 stores in various cities across Turkey, we are ready to welcome you to discover new tastes every day.

For Perfect Service

At Waffle Works, our mission is to share Belgium's distinctive waffle flavors with the world, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to offer the finest chocolates, perfect recipes, and seasonal fruits to satisfy every palate.

With 15 years of industry experience and our main warehouse, Waffle Works provides uninterrupted delivery service to every corner of Turkey, 7 days a week. Our goal is to grow into a large family, bringing our unique waffle taste to people across the country and around the globe.

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A Perfect Taste!

Kumpirin Dünyası

The World of Kumpir

Experience a satisfying delight made by blending specially crafted butter and cheddar cheese with potatoes, topped with your choice of fresh appetizers and sauces.

İçecekte Damak Tadınız

Your Taste in Drinks

Indulge in our unique coffee flavors with a smooth taste, perfect acidity balance, and the fresh aroma of coffee, crafted with our special blend for both cold and hot coffees.