When you fill out the franchise form, your request is sent to us.


Preliminary Meeting

Our representatives will inform you and invite you to our center.


Preliminary Protocol

Candidates who successfully pass the interview will sign a preliminary protocol and decide on a location.


Contract Stage

After the required documents are provided by our franchise candidate, the franchise contract is prepared and signed.


Architectural Project

The architectural team designs the store to fit the concept perfectly.



Our architects create 3D visuals of the store within 15 days and kick off construction.


Infrastructure Setup

We equip the store with advanced technology equipment and software for all sales and production lines.



Our operations team hires and trains the staff, getting them ready for the grand opening.



Our operations team prepares the store for its grand opening and initiates the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A minimum of 70 m² for indoor space, and a winter garden suffices for outdoor space.

The number of staff varies with the store size, typically operating with 4-7 staff members.

Our team conducts a location analysis, evaluating the suitability of the provided locations and sharing the feasibility study with our investor.

Once the projects are drawn up, we prepare the store for opening within 30-45 business days with our architectural team.

All personnel training is provided free of charge by our headquarters.

From day one, our expert business development team conducts regular visits and regional analyses to identify the store's needs. They also create multifaceted marketing strategies to boost revenue and work on continuous improvement.

Our contracts last for 10 years, with no fees for renewal.

The return on investment period is between 15 and 22 months.

All advertising and marketing costs are covered by our headquarters, with no fees charged to the branches.

Our logistics center and team handle all supply processes from our headquarters.

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Discover the benefits of a Waffle Works franchise by contacting us today!

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